Apr 9, 2013

Update Galaxy Y S5360 to Android 4.1 Jelly Bean Blast Custom Firmware (Updated)


Installation Guides!
Jelly Bean Blast Android 4.1 ROM Features:
  • Replaced launcher with Stock ICS like launcher!!!( HOLO LAUNCHER from Mobint)
  • Added ICS circle lock
  • All apps like ICS
  • Upgraded: Google play Store(not Market), Google PLAY music, new Google maps, and much more!!!
  • Added link2sd ( You can move ALL apps to SD with this app!!!)
  • Retains DSP Manager for great sound!!!
  • Swype with ICS theme!!!!!!
  • Exactly ICS like FOLDERS!!!!!!!!
  • Removed more bloatware!!!
  • Added ICS gallery!!!!! Much, much faster!!!
  • Transparent notification panel( from Creed…)
  • Contains full ICS ANIMATIONS!!!!….please activate it under settings >display ..because it is turned off to save battery ….
  • A BEAUTIFUL Custom ROM, which looks exactly like GALAXY NEXUS!!! YAY!!!!
  • Based on S5360DDLA1, but works on any version u are using!!
  • Completely stable!!!

  To remember:
Your phone SHOULD be rooted.
This tutorial will wipe out all your data. Proceed at your own risk.
Samsung KIES will NOT detect your phone after installing Jelly Blast ROM because it is a custom ROM.
ClockworkMod recovery should be installed from before.
Make sure you backup all your data in your phone before proceeding.
 Download Link -----> Click Here To Download

Installation guide (Updated):

Step 1 - Download Jelly Blast ROM for Galaxy Y to your phone.
Step 2 - Place the rom zip file in your sd card. Do not place it in any folders!
Step 3 - Then, turn off your phone.
Step 4 - After your phone is switched off, hold the Volume Up, Home and Power button altogether .
Step 5 - Use the volume keys to move up and down.

Step 6 - Select apply update from sd card, then press CWM.zip - Click here to download CWM.zip
Step 7 - In CWM recovery, wipe data and cache.
Step 8 - Select install zip from sd card
Step 9 - Choose JellyBlastGenED.signed.zip
Step 10 - Choose "Yes" (It will be installed)

Step 11- After the rom has been installed, reboot your phone!

Step 12- After your phone has rebooted, you have sucessfully updated your galaxy y to Android 4.1 Jelly Bean.
That’s it! Your Galaxy Y should now have Jelly Bean Blast Android 4.1 ROM installed on your phone! Go to Settings > About phone to verify.

[Note: The Android version is displayed as 4.0.4 to complete the look and feel of the ROM. Users should keep in mind that it is actually 2.3.6]

          We will not be responsible for any damage of your phone, flash this at your own responsibility. No one will be liable for any damages. 

It appears that many people have SMS problems with this ROM. A simple solution is
after installing this software many of you will face not recieving SMS. But dont worry just download GO SMS PRO app from Google play store and it will run fine. Anyway this new Jelly Blast software is awesome and really fast. Good Work

Cerdit:  http://www.galaxyyarchive.info


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